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This video

Was the best drunk load ive seen so far


The "Plant the bomb on the chicken mode" werent that bad of an idea, Hope they'll see this and make that mode

The ending

From what i could think of the crow/raven developed some sort of claw where the wing once was and like cut up his throat or something.

Then the part with him living with the crow wouldnt his parents get worried or didnt he have a family of his own? either way for the short amount of time you had i guess you ran out and had to improvise

Still a pretty good movie

funkycaveman responds:

You basically nailed the ending. Thanks for the review.

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Liked the earlier controls

Only thing ive encountered so far that is a problem is the controls, Using the (up) (left) (Down) (Right) arrows and the mouse is problematic. If you are changin so that you have to use the mouse you should consider switching the walking buttons to (W,A,S,D) Feels more comfortable

Other than the controls its a great game

Excellent game

But i got a bit dissapointed at the final boss, after my brutal battle with the pumpin worm queen that made me use.... 12 potions 2 nectars and the heal spell uncountable times, I just needed to use the heal spell 3 times on the final boss.

I leveled up around 4-5 levels from the pumpkin worms though so that might have been it

None the less a great game.

Great fun

The music really added the atmosphere.
And the fact that people still have time killing each other in a zombie apocalypse made me think........
Well its pretty good and the upgrading system was something euxtra played until i locked up basically everything except the gun
Anyways its a good game but not perfect the steering was a bit slow :P

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Awesome track

Could i use it in a game me and my friend is making?

We're not the brightest people when it comes to making soundtracks.

And i thought it fit perfectly for a last boss battle theme. Along the lines of an
Evil King or a Lord of Darkness something like that.
(sadly not a DemonLord but i still hope i can use the soundtrack)

So what do you say?

Bezo responds:

Sure, let me know when the game is done so I can check it out.


I think it is a great song ... what there is of it so i just wish it was longer

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This surely explains a few things about rayman.


This is really how it should look like......it was already on crack

cool movie but whats going on is impossible to understand

A perfect example of how the movie really is :D

Chickenlump responds:

It's not that it was impossible to understand, it was too easy to understand.
The staple of the Alice in Wonderland movie (the original) was the fact that everything was absolutely bonkers.
But I'll tell you a secret: All of the best movies are.

...In other words, Tim Burton's falling into old habits.


Someone that know their real name that is ''Xenomorph''
The art is pretty good and you say it was from the first movie?

It has normal legs bacause there is a guy inside the suit

And guess what ....Alien 1 was actually a pretty low budget movie :P


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